Smarter Therapy

Amazing Psychologists. Smart Technology. Better Results.

We believe everyone deserves access to quality mental health care. Thats why we use AI to make the process of finding the right psychologist easy and less overwhelming.

Why TelepsychAI?

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Find the right fit

We use artificial intelligence and data-driven research to help you find the right psychologist quickly.

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Measure Progress

Track your progress in each session by working together with your psychologist using action items and worksheets.

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Reduce Friction

Add your personal details & mental health care plan only once. Share them with your psychologist in just one click.


Research shows that it takes 3 tries on average to find the right psychologist.

TelepsychAI makes it easier.

Start by filling out a short survey. We will use our research-driven machine learning algorithm to find your ideal matches from over 500 psychologists in our network.


Therapy works when its evidence-based and measured.

We will match you with psychologists that use science-backed, research-based strategies like CBT and ACT and personalize your care based on your data.

TelepsychAIs cutting-edge technology supports your psychologist in providing you with the best, frictionless care possible.


I have been struggling to find the right psychologist for over 10 years now. With TelepsychAI, I was able to find one within minutes. I have my 3rd session scheduled next week and I can already feel the progress.

- H.M., TelePsych client

You deserve smarter therapy.